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Roctik Help desk, Customer support ticketing software right on your business application

Value Proposition

Customer support right from business application

With roctik, customers are retained in the business application even for the support. Customers are not taken away from business application. Businesses will be spending lot of resources to get the traction or traffic into the applications, how wise is it for businesses to make customers go away when customers choose to visit the business application for customer support. As of today only very large enterprises have roctik kind of customer support. When business give e-mail id to reach out for support, usually customers have to leave the business application.

Customer empowerment, engagement

Evayadesk's roctik empowers customers by making customers part of the service process by allowing them to raise, view, update tickets and converse with technicians offline. Instinctive engagement of customers is possible through roctik as customers are empowered to see the updates. Customer Support right on the main business application generates self assurance to the customers on businesses, which is priceless. This is when they turn to your fans.

Save Time, Effort and Money

Roctik Integration into any business applicatin is very easy. In minutes it can be integrated with web and mobile applications. It removes the pain for the customer to have long waits for the phone lines. Removes the pain of maintaining 24/7 support staff for the businesses, at the same time customer engagement to see the updates on the tickets from anytime, anywhere in the world. Customer retention increases as customer trust, satisfaction increases exponentially.