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RocTik Customer Support Ticketing System

Customer Support a click away, from your business application. Customer is not separated out from the support system. Support system right on your business application, available to customer with in 5 seconds. Customer can log, track tickets from your business application, they can also converse with technician. Customer is not taken away from your business application to reach out the support. Customer is attached to your business. Empower your customer today. Cloud based ready to use ticketing software. Sign on and start using. Easily integrable Web and Android SDKs for Customers. Create, Track, Categorize, Prioritize, Resolve tickets. Emails Alerts for all updates, Real time Reports. For plug and play Roctik, download SDK now.

Unique Success Factors

First ever easily integrable CRM

Easily integrable, SDKs and REST APIs to integrate existing/new software and improve systems features in no time.

Astonishing Unlimited Agents

Unique Ticket Based Pricing with Unlimited Agents for small scale businesses.

Subscriber Integration made easy

Integratable Subscriber Web SDK/plugin, Mobile SDK/plugin for integrating with existing/new web and mobile subscriber app.

Veritable Solutions

Ticketing, project management, bug tracing Systems with clean interface making veritable solutions for small businesses.

Immediate Emails

Email Alerts for every update.

Ready Reports

Dashboard and Reports one click away.

Ready to Use

Ready to use system for Admin and Agents. Just subscribe and start using.

Secured Servers

Secured, SSL ensured, Secured payment gateway

My Plans and Packages



per month

  • One Month Free Trial
  • Unlimited Agents
  • 2000 Tickets
  • Email Alerts
  • Reports
  • Quick Customer Support
  • Easy Ticket life cycle



per month

  • One Month Free Trial
  • Unlimited Agents
  • 500 Tickets
  • Email Alerts
  • Reports



per annum

  • One Month Free Trial
  • Unlimited Agents
  • 5000 Tickets
  • Email Alerts
  • Reports

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